Friday, 24 October 2014

Work in process

A few pictures/sketches of my work in progress.


Frame 1: The four of them are sitting around the campfire, roasting marshmallow, and looking and the pictures they took that day from the animals and natuer
Frame 2: It's time to sleep. Brent takes care of the fire while the rest gets ready to go to sleep.
Frame 3: Brent's phone suddenly rings.
Frame 4: A shot from Sophie and Lucia in their tent. Ready to go to sleep they suddenly hear Brent outside talking loudly.
Frame 5: They open the front of their tent to take a look. They see Brent with a panicked expression as he continues to talk.
Frame 6: He ends the call in a hurry and noticed everyone is standing outside. He tells them that a wild puma has escaped near them.
Frame 7: They look at each other frightened, while Mark takes it as a joke and thinks they're being fooled.
Frame 8: Lucia starts arguing with Mark, saying she wants to leave as quickly as possible.
Frame 9: After a quick gathering they decide to leave. Brent calls their coordinator to tell him.
Frame 10: They break off their tents and get all their stuff together while the wind is getting stronger.
Frame 11: They all get in their own car with their stuff which is close by. They all start their cars ready to leave, while Lucia notices that her Jeep has troubles starting.
Frame 12: Brent decides to take a look at Lucia's car and after some minutes decides to try again.
Frame 13: They're still in the middle of the veluwe but found the road they previously drived on. After starting it and driving a few km's Lucia's jeep slips on the road by the sudden rain.
Frame 14: Her car is stuck and blocking the road. They get out of the car into the heavy rain.
Frame 15: And of course after getting out they hear a loud hard and fearful screech, which sounds like the wild puma. 

Character Outfits

I've always loved drawing clothes, especially for girls. The first one is Lucia's outfits, the second Sophie's and the third Brent's. The outfits are made with watercolors and after that I lined them. I tried to get a more playful vibe by not lining everything perfectly and to leave some gaps open. It gives a lighter feeling.

Character design

A preview of one of my characters from the story. Since the story is for 10 years and older I choose for a playfull style with not to bright-ish colours. Brent, Lucia, Sophie.


A panorama landscape view from the concept story I am working on. It's the veluwe with a forest-rich ridge of hills. They are camping on an open spot on a higher point of the veluwe. I used photoshop to line some of the objects which are important and should stand out more.